Date with Her

Her worth in my life can never be defined in one day. Every day spent with her, be it lazing at home or walking aimlessly outdoors, is just as special as this one. It’s wonderful how she gives me the power to be her daughter, friend, guardian, critic and sometimes, even her boss. Here’s to many more enriching conversations and profound ruminations over the much loved, Caesar salad in the warm glow of love, admiration, pride and candlelights!  #datewithmumma #celebratedeveryday

Ki & Ka


Ki & Ka: The second annoying aspect of the new-soch entertainer. The first being; Kareena’s voice. As opposed to the reviews, I personally liked the movie.
The story does have substance, exaggerated in parts albeit. A message, we most conveniently brush under the carpet as trivial.

In a nutshell, Kareena is an ambitious marketing professional, wanting to be the best in her arena. And Arjun (IIMB topper, mind you) is a man who wants to avoid money’s rat-race and do something meaningful instead; be a house husband. They marry after some easily forgettable songs.

Arjun, the man, is chiseled, looks good, cooks well, seems apparently great in bed and yet wishes to be a homemaker. This fact has not been emphasised by the writer (thankfully). This is no feminist movie that men would use as an excuse to skip watching. It’s about wanting to do what you really want to, without having to compromise on love and good food or sex!

This seemingly story of the life of Chetan Bhagat is actually endearing, but we could like it a lot more with Kareena on mute. Although silly in bits, it does teach us to swallow our pride, forgive ourselves of our vices and admit to needing each other just the way we are.

For eons housewives have been made to feel unambitious and worthless. And no,  a correction in the title to ‘homemaker’  does not give them the dignity and gratitude they deserve. What really hit me about this movie was how the script seriously pulled it off. Right from the beginning, I waited for them to screw the bubble, bring in unreal drama and make a mess out of the subject. But no, the film reached its peak wonderfully and honestly. The end was a predictable,  but forgivable freefall.

The scenarios in the film are very human-like. Something we have grown up seeing around us, by fathers to homemaker moms.

I don’t want this to be a spoiler, hence, won’t be giving away the entire story.
For a change, this one wasn’t just about gender bias and equality. Or ego and jealously. It is about celebrating the people (whoever it is) that make our house a home. And that is alone a life-taking task.

Just see in it unconditional love, effort and dedication, something that we have all been blind and often, hurtful to. Watch the movie, to smile, wish for Arjun’s transport buddy, admire nothing more on Kareena than her chic corporate clothes, applaud for Arjun Kapoor’s super secure attitude, be grateful and a little more loving to the sadly, neglected people in our lives.


How would it be, if insomnia could steal,

A wink of happy slumber?

The stars would bloom in an autumn noon,

And turtles would fly to skies of amber.


How would it be, to sing with the breeze,

A couplet of merely three lines?

The piano would sound like the bass,

And morning appeared after the sun dives.


Why believe not, that life’s but a part,

In a whimsical play of the universe?

And water a pool, of lonesome tears,

At the horizon of unspoken fears.


So surreal it is, to learn to miss,

The pain of this wounded heart.

Today leaves us unkind, even heavily fined.

Several moons away but truly never apart.

Hardcore Bangalorean!

Some double filter coffee, aimless metro rides, double meter night fares, ” lopper nan magne ” swears, hot benne dosa, jammed roads with green trees, the high court pigeons, long kadle paper cones, vibrant nightlifes, ring road galavanting, the famous ” swalpa adjust madi “, soap bubbles at sanky lake,          some ” yen guru ” tiffs, highly maddening traffic, egg factory breakfasts, dug up roads, shameless bargains, bisibele bath, some hi-fi english, to ” super macha” , big bribes to ” tarle nan maga”, aristocratic painting exhibitions, some money on wheels, tilted local buses, India coffee house, inexplicable fun, a little bit of me; a whole lotta Bangalore!