Definition as a verb, Parched:  Make or become dry through intense heat, extremely thirsty.

There couldn’t be a more beautiful title. Before I begin the review of this subtle masterpiece, you need to give the trailer a watch, if you haven’t glanced upon it yet. It’s a compelling glimpse of the soulful narration of Parched.

On the harsh, inhospitable and barren landscapes of Rajasthan, spring saplings of hope, courage, desire, gratitude and humanity, as slowly as the first drops of monsoon showers that moist hearts with the sublime musk of drenched earth.

This movie is not a pretty picture. Nor is it a celebration of life in the confinements of space. It is naked, honest and surely not easy to digest. Yes, it is about women. But also about the men who make them the gullible, unpredictable, docile and sometimes, fearsome to behold.

Parched is more about women who endure their fate and then, audaciously and apathetically script pain for younger women.It is about resilience, patience and liberation of the soul. It is about valuing oneself and those tiny moments of freedom that is everyone’s right.

Parched teaches us that everybody can define sex, but also subtly narrates how inexplicably illuminating, liberating and cosmic making love can be. It is poetry of the skin that thirsts for love, appreciation and companionship.

The movie is the unfolding of a book, making you hate the protagonists for their mindless choices, but then also making you fall in love with their simplicity, innocence and flawlessness over time. There may be many fortunate people who can’t relate to it, but it will grip you and make you reach out to characters and circumstances, so unknown and unheard of in this day and age.

Parched is the raw voice of the inner being that dwells in each of us. Regardless of our sex, cult or opinions. The actors are spectacular. Do yourself a favour, enrich your mind, and watch this alone. You can’t afford to give this one a miss, not in the one lifetime that you have.


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