Hardcore Bangalorean!

Some double filter coffee, aimless metro rides, double meter night fares, ” lopper nan magne ” swears, hot benne dosa, jammed roads with green trees, the high court pigeons, long kadle paper cones, vibrant nightlifes, ring road galavanting, the famous ” swalpa adjust madi “, soap bubbles at sanky lake,          some ” yen guru ” tiffs, highly maddening traffic, egg factory breakfasts, dug up roads, shameless bargains, bisibele bath, some hi-fi english, to ” super macha” , big bribes to ” tarle nan maga”, aristocratic painting exhibitions, some money on wheels, tilted local buses, India coffee house, inexplicable fun, a little bit of me; a whole lotta Bangalore!


2 thoughts on “Hardcore Bangalorean!

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. “Kosy’s ginger biscuit miss madbitri. Tumba chanagidhe” says my mother after I showed her this post. For after all she too is a hard core Banglorean. Nice to meet you! 🙂

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