And You Exhale

Tucked into bed, you’re sound asleep.
I can’t help but wonder about the smile on your face.
Do my thoughts create the charming curve? 
You gently exhale, in agreement.
And I blush, quietly to myself.

As the moonlight outlines my shy face, 
Your shadows keep me warm.
The winds whisper a soft lullaby.
Entwined in each other’s breath, 
We will lie hopeful until dawn. 

When the sunshine kisses our eyes,
We’ll awake to another blessed day. 
A new desire will erupt,
Of a lifetime of togetherness,
Or just this moment of calm.  

I hopelessly try to cage the night.
And watch you smile in deep slumber. 
Where do your dreams take you, love?
I wish to follow secretly.  
And you exhale. 


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