Beautiful World?

I got up at 6 this morning perfectly like everyday, five minutes prior to my alarm clock. My biological clock’s punctuality gives my undisciplined mind a good kick. Mornings are wonderful. The world seems so calm, friendly and so beautiful. And exercising contributes generously to the feel good factor. 

After a tiring workout, the best thing to do is to wipe off those gushing beads of sweat and make yourself you warm juice in honey and lime. Now grows an urge to read a bit whilst you’re still reeking. And the morning actually dawns on you. 

Everything is ignorantly perfect until you pick up that newspaper and know the real world, the ugly world. Your optimism crumbles, your morning is screwed and you now even believe that things couldn’t get any worse!

Everyday horrors are growing alarmingly and audaciously.

Is it fair that ‘rape’ be in the dictionaries of innocent children? It is unpardonable and shameful.

What are we living in? If this is as bad as it gets, then what will the future generations witness? How can we contribute? How helpless can man get?

How ugly can this world get?!

Some questions I never want to know the answers to. 


2 thoughts on “Beautiful World?

  1. Well written, but felt that some how the articulated thought process trickled to a meek stop.
    Was expecting some more of coordinated views penned on the negative & tragic realities of life we see these days.

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