My Wealthy Old Man

My old man believed to himself,

That he didn’t make enough of those dimes.

Although he created mighty riches,

To him, they seemed to not match the times.


We frequently talk in length,

Of wealth that is seldom measured.

Love and integrity offered in abundance,

Oblivious that it was treasured.


Yes, it’s true my dear old man,

We didn’t touch a multitude of Ka-ching!

Didn’t take those exclusive holidays,

Nor flaunt an envious bling. 


But look what we earned instead,

So much clear wit and liberal brilliance.

Contentment like no other,

And a life of happy indulgence.


For someone who felt lost at 9,

How wonderful you turned out to be,

You’re someone we can never trade,

Do you now see the man we see?


You are a champion of a father,

An eternal hero to us.

The wealthiest man alive,

And life could not have been more precious.


So now you know my dear old man,

The journey was hard but worthwhile.

You sailed along so gracefully, we are proud,

Now flash that million-dollar smile!



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