The Affair

He watched her all evening,
Perched on the tall seat.
A drink stood proudly beside her.
Her eyes, undeniably discrete.

The ballroom was extravagant,
His ears welcomed the echo of repeats.
Fine figures batted eyelids,
But none could with her compete.

He paused to gaze intensely,
Hoping she would reciprocate.
She was nonchalant,
And oblivious to his mind’s dictate.

He drifted slowly towards her,
Requesting her for a dance.
She looked deep into his eyes,
And ignited an envious romance.

He cajoled the distance between them,
She glided towards with grace.
Their union, like love, was magical.
The kind none could trace.

His crisp skin found its story,
She captured the stage.
He, stark white. She, merrily blue.
History found a new page.


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