30 For You


I looked at the calendar again,

It’s true, your big 30th is here.

You know it too,

It isn’t much of a cheer.

But you’re aging gracefully,

That for one you must admit.

The number will claw in on all of us,

Despite our efforts to shun it.



Remember as kids how we faced them together?

All things pretty and shady.

A messy teen you once were,

Now, you’re a beautiful and inspiring lady.

I still see you lying beside me,

Multi-tasking with books in your lazy term.

I still remember your old green shawl.

In which you snuggled like a worm.



The memories make me realize,

How from you I always learnt.

You taught me to serve with pride,

A dish that was more than burnt.

I’m aging too Di,

And soon it will be my turn.

I’ll panic then immeasurably,

For worst of me it will churn.


I love you for all the things you did for me,

Although I sometimes pretend to forget what they were.

But I really love you most for,

You just being older.

This 30 is a real devil,

It strikes us all like an unpleasant outburst.

But since, I’m your little sadist,

I’m glad you are getting there first.


Dearest Di,

30 is the new 20.

Happy Birthday! 


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