Dance Away!

A write-up after eons. My deepest apologies to my blog. And to my few loyal readers. I know I have neglected my first love for an unpardonable stretch of time.  Anyway, I hope to write more frequently hereafter.

Last night I attended a Mangalorean Catholic Wedding Party. It was my first time amongst Konkani Christians. There were many Anglos and Roman Catholics I was acquainted with in Bangalore, but the Mangalorean and Goan Catholics are a class apart.

The party was so much fun! And this I say just as a spectator. Imagine being part of it.

There was everything that makes a wedding perfect. A beautiful bride in the most beautiful snowy wedding gown, a handsome groom, happy families and friends, a lavender and vanilla three-tiered wedding cake, a decor of exotic lilies, sparkling champagne and wine, a sumptuous spread, and most importantly dancing!

If you are lucky to be invited for a Mangalorean Christian reception, remember to leave the stilettos at home. There will be dancing. And you certainly do not want to miss that. Starting with waltz, pacing up with jive and commencing with the birdie song, it was one-helluva evening!

They taught me a little something. We always are so clouded in trying hard to discover supremacy of our religious cultures, over those of others that we fail to see the goodness that diversity brings. If there’s one thing I can learn from them; it is to let my hair loose, pack away the inhibitions and just have fun.

For me Fun has always meant Dancing. Dancing is the perfect anti-depressant and an instant mood lifter. It makes you feels good about yourself, no matter how you are. And it kicks in hard when you dance for nobody but yourself!

So let loose guys, pack away your extra baggage and have fun. Life is waiting to be consumed by you. Go drink every ounce of it. Every time you wander into the web of sorrow, stop to question.

For tomorrow there will be music, will you be dancing?



6 thoughts on “Dance Away!

  1. Glad that you had a nice time there.
    I had the good fortune to attend a couple of such parties myself & have thoroughly enjoyed them.

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