God in You

You braved my first journey,

And guided me from darkness to light.

Although exhausted and sore,

You embraced me with a smile.

Oblivious to the agony I caused you,

I sought your undivided attention,

I ungratefully consumed your nights,

Sadly, most of your days too.


After years of being your shadow,

I grew up to be a foolish teenager.

I was demanding yet again,

But this time, it was not your attention.


I suddenly wanted my space,

And thought you would never understand me,

But, how could I forget?

Only you understood me when I was just a little mime.


I now laugh at my follies,

And regret earnestly too,

I wonder what would become of me,

If I was not born to you.


Can love be this unconditional?

Can God disguise as mortal?

Yes, I have felt the supernatural Mamma,

I have seen my God in You.


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