The Best Camera

I love fireworks! Especially, the ones that make no noise and burst into the night sky like a galaxy. There is something about the parachute fireworks that give me so much joy. I could look at them all night long. 


Today, as I watched a encore of fireworks brighten a royal blue canvas, I realized just how spectacular the human eye is! And just how lucky I am to be able to see. 

No camera can outdo nature, the human eye. The eyes capture the highlights, the volume, the depth and minute details with so much finesse and clarity, that it puts the science to shame. Although the range of the human eye is restricted, but the little that we capture, is inexplicable. 


The textures of a leaf, the seven colours of a soap bubble, the depth of the sea or the soft bed of clouds, how would life be without being able to experience all this without a touch?! 


Hereafter, I have decided to never fall prey to a fancy camera or waste time adjusting the right mode to get the perfect shot. Because, the perfect shot is omnipresent within me. I will experience with my eyes the beauty and sheer magnanimity of nature and create in my mind an everlasting picture of perfection. 


So before you grab that camera, think again, you may wanna give your eyes a first go. Experience your eyes!


2 thoughts on “The Best Camera

  1. Well said about the unparalleled capacity of the Human eye- a gift of GOD.
    I wouldn’t trade mine for a Billion Dollars.

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