All Over Again!

When I was little, I waited to grow older,

And free my forced braid into a pony.

I always wanted to get off Pa’s shoulder,

and walk alone with just my company.

Laughing on a wooden swing, I pondered with my peers for long,

About how merry and free grown-ups must be,

To live life at their own will and live so strong,

Doing what us little ones, were only allowed to see.

And then one day I was all grown up,

The freedom made it seem worth the wait.

Years later, I saw a reflection in my coffee cup,

And found something very innate.

My eyes were a mirror to my past,

In them I saw the little person I was earlier.

Suddenly, there was a peal of laughter so vast,

A sound so vaguely familiar.

I saw myself on a wooden swing,

Laughing aloud so carelessly and unconfined.

Drawing happiness by just my braid’s silly fling,

Free I was then, way more than how it was defined.

Today, I wish to swing again for a while,

with my laughter unconfined in my reign.

I want to recreate my innocent smile,

and be a child all over again.


6 thoughts on “All Over Again!

  1. absolutely love it…straight from the hear…:) I’m sure every girl will relate to it it in some way or the other….:)

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