A Time to be Good Again

We all know that Dusshera is the festival of good over evil and that it is celebrated with grandeur all over India. This festival definitely awakens the soul. All through our childhood we have grown up listening to chimerical stories about how truth overpowers the wrong. We were taught that good always prevailed over the bad.

Our bedtime stories were comprised of dramatic tales of Ma Durga who vanquished the demon Mahishasur with her mighty trident, and trained her vehicle; the lion, to lick and eradicate every drop of the demon’s dripping blood and hinder the birth of new evil.

We read stories about how the brave Pandavas conquered their homeland by defeating the Kauravas. We watched vibrant theatricals about the victories of Ram over the beastly Ravan and danced in merriment as Ravan was set ablaze.

Sadly, as we grew up, we forgot the essence of Dusshera and the importance of being good. Today, the world has resorted to easier and deceitful ways of getting things done. Although having emanated with harmless effects, the wrong-doings have multiplied with time. Initially, there were easy lies, inconsequential displays of jealousy, small cheats in exams, and violations of traffic rules. We befriended the wrong for our conveniences.

These trivial faults and lies magnified with time giving way for a series of larger misdeeds; receiving bribes, thefts, domestic violence, rich egos, forgeries and terrorism.

As adults we forgot the underlying meanings in the stories our elders shared with us.No misdeed seemed big enough to shake our soul. We found a way to silence our conscience and turn a deaf ear to its advice. Time went by and our conscience surrendered.

We grew up, and so did the Ravan within us; the evil within us.

In a hope to re-instill goodness into the world, let us take a small step. Let us begin the disinfection from within. This Dusshera let us pledge to first eradicate the evil within us, regardless of how small it is. Let us work towards becoming humble and better human beings and remember the morals behind the mythical tales we fancied as children. Make the goodness overpower the Ravan within.

For only when we become good, will we be able to see the goodness in others.

Here is hoping that this festive season inspires us in the right fashion. For now is truly a time to be good again.


2 thoughts on “A Time to be Good Again

  1. Hi Preeti,

    Well Written, For now is truly a time to be good again . With these words I feel most of us can make an effort to come out of our conditioned minds . Man finds difficult even to make small changes as he has been conditioned since child hood . As I recall what I have read in Tao Te Ching(A Tiny boook on Chinese philiosophy and Religion) by Lao Tzu , any change is a great trouble for man , a source of great trouble , The reason I have trouble is that I have a body . When I no longer have a body , what trouble have I

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