Homo sapiens are so peculiarly picky about the ties of the blood. I bet we got it from our pre-historic forms as back then Neanderthal brothers shared a wife. The thick blinded ties of thick blood couldn’t be diluted even by the strong process of evolution. Man however, has evolved himself over the capacity to be evolved by nature. Today with man’s own capabilities, fat money, sympathy drama and easy advantages can conveniently dilute the thickest of blood, but we still like to adamantly give in to the clichéd “ Not My Blood “ nonsense every time we have to accommodate, reach out or trust people.

Family ties are important, in fact very important! But why do we priorities it under hemoglobin? With time when the concentration of blood is skimmed, we realize the deeper ties of love, compassion, togetherness and hope. The hidden soul-strings of our existence.

Old acquaintances / strangers that come into our lives so telepathically synced to our hearts, with truckloads of familiar warmth, unconditional love and basic human needs that sometimes even the hemoglobin sect overlook.

I’m grateful to have found the best of both worlds. I have amazing family and friends that quench my thirst for a happier life. Sometimes there are fights and misinterpretations, but when I look above them and quantify of what the relation has brought to me as a whole, I smile to myself at the thought of how trivial the fight actually was.  

I’m soul-strung to a few individuals who have taught me by accident, by dismissal or by will, to be a better, happier person and to embrace life as it comes. I cherish them and hope to enhance their lives in a similar manner. Although, with or without a personal space.

I hope we learn to look above hemoglobin and discover deeper and thicker bonds with our loved ones regardless of our gene or race. So just as soon as you find your soul-strings, wrap them in a tight bear hug and never let go.



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