My apologies to those who thought by the title, that this post may be based on the physical relation of a man and a woman. Such is the power of the word sex; it instantly disciplines our senses to heed. I’ll save the subject for a more exciting day. Disappointingly; this post has all to do with just the mental relation of a man and a woman. I’ve given you a pun in the disguise of a clarification, only to make you not feel cheated or tricked for diving into this one.

From times immemorial we have nurtured and fuelled the fire of idiocy to coexist amidst us. In a country where the male offspring is considered as a future investment; dwells incorrigibility and where conveniently the female is considered as an adept cleanser; prides folly. We have all grown up or even taught sometimes that men and women play different roles and can never be contemporary. Sadly, in this stock market of primitivism the largest stakeholders are the women; for it is mostly all their doing.

Most women love the idea of being vulnerable and epitomes of unnecessary persistence. They pride to be the second sex and train their offspring to act accordingly. It is also amusingly true that if a woman has the courage to show this norm a finger; then only another woman can help disinfect it further. Take some of our “Best Mother Affections” for instance; where the daughters are encouraged to walk to a messy sink with soiled plates, the sons are deprived of experiencing this “joy” after a meal. Why so? Only because they are deemed fit to be exhausting their energy on something more productive?

Where is the equality? Equality emanates through these small acts of indiscrimination in petty chores. When we discriminate between the sexes the brain is conditioned to bear resentment and rebellion. With no brothers and medieval parents I turned out to be the terrifying avant-garde that I am; I shudder to think of how vengeful the people who undergo discrimination get. People should lay eyes on a bigger glitch. It isn’t about producing the primary or secondary sex; it is about producing a better sex!

So, what makes a better sex? Not physical contact; but a mental contact. To bear a connection between two partners who believe in mutual respect, indiscrimination, and unadulterated love. It’s vital to create an offspring that is born not just with our best features, but also our best qualities. It is vital to grow children with a close mental bond with their siblings as it forms the roots for future thinking. If we grow up with a mental block of discrimination we can never be able to compliment each other.

The next time we decide to grace the world with our creations, lets hope to produce sons not just to secure our old age, but to make them better such that their partners and children can live with them with lesser qualms all their lives. Let’s pray to produce daughters who understand that they can certainly venture beyond the kitchen, identify their souls and induce some practicality into their blinded motherly affection in future.

Catching up on how we began, with the double entendre; Let’s hope to create some BETTER sex!


3 thoughts on “Some BETTER Sex

  1. Liked the writing.
    How I wish all mothers learn this basic yet sensible fact; How the girls of this generation would like to change the mindset for a better one during their lifetime.

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