( To My Parents)

I’m far away and of you I have no glimpse.
Put myself to the test and camouflaged too.
Candid are now the tears behind the wholesome grins.
Here is a feeble attempt to describe life without you.

I hated when you inaugurated my mornings,
With annoying tunes and widely open blinds.
I wish to awaken the same way again,
To your annoyance, and not alarm rings.

I was a nag, a drama queen,
At you I carelessly flung wrath.
I am now surprisingly composed,
My anger is powdered into fine broth.

I frowned at what you cooked,
Complained although I could feed none.
Now, I try hard to replicate your food,
Learn it the hard way off a book.

Back then, I needed privacy,
Never had the time to complete a cuddle.
Now, I would give anything to hold you tight,
In our famous family huddle.

I miss the foam on my nose,
And your giggle whilst you shaved.
I miss seeing your face contort,
When I was not well-behaved.

I’m being honest,
I crave for you in dismay.
There were hiccups the other night,
“Drink water dear” I heard you say.

Life seems incomplete,
As from you I was never away.
Memories flash and voices resound,
Here with eyes closed as I lay.

I want you to know that I’m sorry,
Everyday I atone for my sin,
Thank you for loving me so unconditionally,
You are the reason behind my every win.

Life surely has changed,
But you are always beside me.
When we meet next, I’ll be a new person,
In me, redemption you will see.


5 thoughts on “Redemption

  1. Hey P2,
    its lovely to see this change and understanding in you. You have put it so beautifully.

    Every girl goes through this phase in her life. i don’t think any girl ever completely grows outta that phase. It’s a two edged sword – happiness and sorrow experienced at the same time. Some choose to reveal it at every turn and some conceal it so well that folks themselves doubt if the girl felt anything at all.

    This feeling is the same for siblings too. where there was irritation at one time to have a younger sis around friends….now there is a yearning for that same younger sis even among a hoard of friends.

    i hope to see redemption the next time you see me too ;P

    love you loads,

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