Parallel Universe

Today is Friday the 13th, it is considered to be a spooky combination. Star world is playing back-to-back episodes of Supernatural and the movie channels are playing horror flicks. Having had no real-life encounter with ghosts, I feel no fear about the day. Truth be told, nightfall will unveil my bravado as I’m petrified of the dark.

I have pondered about a thought for a long time; a creepy thought. What better day to put it across? The universe was always one of my favorite subjects. The sheer enormity of it leaves me flabbergasted. It binds my imagination and most of the time my imagination cannot fathom the facts about the universe. The creepy part is that I have always believed in a parallel universe.

Although I have a deep connection with GOD, I will make my post unbiased and understandable for atheists too. Have you ever pondered about a parallel universe?
It only makes sense, why would nature make the universe this vast without a purpose?
The enormous appearance and mysteries have a lot hidden within. Maybe somewhere in another galaxy, zillion light years away, resides someone akin to us, living like us? It may be a possibility. Maybe the circumstances that appear in their lives are similar to us or our circumstances decided by them. The thought gives me Goosebumps.

Earthlings have contemplated about the existence of alien life for so many years now. There are so many researches conducted. No substantial evidence yet. So they say. Some people believe that NASA knows many secrets that they do not want to share it to keep the world grounded under their foot. But a silly, humorous ounce of me believes we are the aliens’ Tata-Sky; their entertainment. 

I don’t know how spooky and mysterious Friday the 13th is, but I surely do know that we are watched and maybe even impersonated. The universe could not have been this gigantic for nothing. There are many answers that lie uncovered. But nature obeys none; hopefully someday we will realize the actual purpose of the enormity of the universe.
And that day will dumbstruck us in a way like no other. Until then, let’s live in the oblivious bliss of being the smartest life to be emanated. Little do we know of what nature has in store.


4 thoughts on “Parallel Universe

  1. Hi Preeti,

    Back from a Business Trip , Sat Evening woke up from a deep snooze and started reading Parallel Universe , Sleeps are the time I forget about nature , God and the mysterious universe a deep thought from my child hood which continues to haunt me , though i haven’t even got the minutest answer yet. Very Few people I have come across who gives a thought about Universal Conscious , God etc in this mechanical life . Goose bumps happens very rarely at few moments and those are the moments which leads to an internal happiness very very deeply if observed in silence.

    Well Written.


    M Venkataraghavan

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