A Spherical World

It has been eight divine days since I quit my job at Tesco. Although I miss my work routine, the relaxation was much-needed. Life truly is amazing when you don’t have to share your whole day with anyone but yourself! It is so cliché to think one befriends lethargy when resting at home. In these eight days, I have caught up on all the television entertainment I missed due to work, exercised twice as much as I used to before, operated a remote using my toe as my hands were moist with henna, learnt to cook surprisingly edible courses of food, spent the least amount of time on Face book in two years, and skipped the afternoon nap and overlooked other important chores. Yes, pretty disciplined!
With precisely 58 days to go for the BIG Day (My Wedding), I have my hands full.
My days are packed and I’m enjoying being busy outside of my workplace. I’m calm, albeit just for now.

I never set foot in my kitchen before, apart from the snack breaks I took while my family was asleep. I could chuckle all day at the stuff I’ve done. Food has always been an instant therapy for me. Being plump for a large margin of life, I always amused myself with the thought that a perfect figure is mandatory for the ugly. I learnt early that being sadistic is a wonderful way to conserve confidence. But I must admit, until recently, I like many young women unhappy with their appearance, have made numerous feeble attempts at achieving weigh loss. With the wedding date hovering over the head like a hungry Vulture, I lost many nights trying to look like the “Perfect Bride”. Until I ate some protein to understand that in reality, no matter how lean one grows, they will never attain satisfaction or happiness, until they learn to love themselves.

It is a pity that most people bear the misconception that in admiration for food lurks obesity. One thought I shut doors on after I got my hands on Rujuta Diwekar’s ‘Women & The Weight Loss Tamasha’. The book flushes out the myths about diet, exercise and wellness. It talks of how people can never see beyond a perfect figure. As I read, a thought sunk into me. What if being spherical was being in shape? What if vital stats were not predetermined? What if size zero was taboo and frowned upon? Who says being lean is being healthy? It is gutsy to be spherical in a world blinded by imperfections and myths. It is blessed to be well endowed, than be a desirable iron board.

Today, I love myself! I have no qualms about my appearance. However, I will work towards getting more disciplined to be able to FEEL healthy. If people could just stop being shallow and look above the body, the world would be a much happier and more importantly a saner place!


8 thoughts on “A Spherical World

  1. Thank Heavens, u have realized it atlast!!!
    Be yourself;nobody can beat u at that!!
    Daily & regular exercise is for a fitter body & mind than for the good looks alone.

  2. Hi Preeti,

    Being spherical and healthy is a good way of being , Being obese and ill is a cause of concern where one needs to put on their running shoes .

    if one is healthy it dosent matter how they look . I completely agree those looking lean or in size may not be healthy too.

    Good Write up.

  3. Inspiring fetu… 🙂
    But you know what ? I have never had the impression that you were uncomfortable with the way you looked.
    I have seen the way you carry yourself. you are centered 🙂 and happy.
    you inspire me.
    Sure we both want to lose a ton of weight so we can fit into smaller dress sizes and not turn to food for comfort.

    A good frd of mine once told me something i will always remember….
    I make heads turn. I leave an impression where ever i go
    (not just sofa cushions) My Shape doesn’t define me. Actually there are a very few people who use “that chubby girl” as an adjective to describe me.
    When he told me this, it changed my world 🙂
    I lose weight, get into shape for myself. I already look beautiful to the world.

    And I can bet my life…Nobody who spends more 2 minutes with you, will use
    “that chubby girl” to describe you. You are beautiful, smart, funny, caring, friendly, and oh so intelligent…. 🙂 the list in endless…

    For us(the world) you are perfect 🙂 we love you already.

    1. Awwwww!!! Div, u’re amazing! Not only cause u flatter me 😛 but also as a person. I feel the same about you. Your friend is right 🙂 U are gorgeous! Honest praise. I love u too. your comments are better than my blog posts 😛 😀 Don’t steal my thunder.

      I hope someday I can be as graceful as you. 🙂

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