Nothing for November!

Yello Feefal! I started this month with some housework.. painting, tiles etc etc. It is the end of the month and we’re still painting! A lot of the furniture was re-arrange. When you see a lcd tv seeking shelter from paint in a bathroom and wake up next to a pile of clothes each morning, all the creativity goes down the sink!

However, I can churn out some lame writing. I have had a lot of experience in it. We chose two colours for the living room; Rich Mango aka Grains of Sand and Cream aka Nacho Cheese. Making the living room look like a gigantic serving of mango souffle! My eternal dream of living in a house of cheese is finally coming true. Life is certainly getting better.

I chose Teal for my room; observations tell me that the colour does induce sleep. With all the pest guards detached, the mosquitoes have entertained themselves well by making an abstract art of pink polka dots on my body.

Living for a month without tv or the radio made my house seem like a season from BIGG BOSS. Sadly, we got no negative publicity or money.

With nothing to write for November, I leave you all with a riddle I just cooked up.

‘ Oh! what a bummer,
that I had nothing for November.
Come December,
And the rest of the words I can’t remember. ‘


4 thoughts on “Nothing for November!

  1. Hi Preeti,

    Good One though u said nothing there is a little write up to read , and the fact of the matter is the riddle is “KOLAVERI”

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