Hail Bollywood!

Bollywood; something that connects and runs in the veins of every Indian. Something that created newer temples, encouraged fake cosmetics and has given people several reasons to enjoy life in front of a mirror. For me, it has made merry the monotonous rides to work. Some peppy numbers get most of the employees to set free and act crazy. Know the words, cook up the words or sing something totally out of context, bollywood welcomes it all.

Indian cinema is so unpredictable sometimes and also strangely so predictable most of the other times. It is a shocker that running around mountains and endorsing brands can make one amongst the highest tax payers in the country. Sure is a sleazy-easy profession. Darwin’s theory of ‘ Survival of the Fittest’ and I literally mean “Fittest” surely does play an important role here though.

Last month I was watching the IIFA awards (something mother makes us do frequently to bond in humour). When watching, I realised the grandeur and magnanimity of bollywood. The sets, the vibrancy, the people involved. That’s when the thought sinks in that bollywood isn’t just about amazingly heroic men, unfathomably in love with annoyingly fragile women. Bollywood has generated so much employment in our country. Over hundreds are involved to churn out an award function and maybe even more for a movie. I’m sure many are thankful to bollywood for helping them earn a living. It was hilarious to also see a few celebrity guests like Hilary Swank shake a leg to “ Chamak Challo”. It’s funny that many of us do not understand the ridiculousness of Hindi cinema, yet they survive, yet they are admired and yet they are re-enacted at award functions.

However, I’m sure most of us would love to see some meaningful cinema akin to Dor, Water, A Wednesday or also Hera-Pheri. Nonetheless, bollywood certainly has, in its own peculiar way, brushed the minds of people and redefined our country in a new way. Many a times in an unrealistic way albeit. It is a relief to know that we no longer bear the image of “ Just a land of snake charmers”.


One thought on “Hail Bollywood!

  1. What you write is quite true, except that the Bollywood employes not a few hundred, but a few hundred thousands in various fields of film making & award ceremonies; it is a different matter that most are paid a pittance & some even do dangerous dare devil acts & stunts for a living, the glory of which the Hero / Heroine gets ultimately.
    In spite of all odds,many repetitive, stupid & some wonderful films, Bollywood still makes the largest number of films in the world & has come a long way to enthrall the audience in India & abroad.

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