A Toast to Nothing

Yellow all! It’s been a long time. Like always, I have an explanation.
I was playing ‘ Hide n Seek ‘ with my blog, it was turn for me to hide. A more non-elementary explanation would be; I have been preoccupied with a lot of things and have showered little, to no attention to my endless notebook of flowing thoughts. I still have nothing to churn out to make amends. Like the title suggests this post is genuinely about nothing at all.

I love the nothing days. It is so relaxing when my brain goes blank. I admit it is a frequent syndrome in my case. But it is a great deal for the ungifted ones who can’t pull it off often. It’s lovely when one can jus look out of a window and ponder about nothing at all for a change. No worries, no phone calls, no honking, no facades. Just you, a moment of silence, and a blurred vision. I believe we go blank when the brain attempts the
‘ Shavasana’; corpse posture in yoga. It is a funny thought in my head for I can see the brain actually lie on its back. All the human organs are etched in my mind. When you have a doctor for a father you are bound to dream of the human organs in sleep. Precisely why some sane doc kids never opt for medicine as a profession. There we go again. As always my Pa claws into every post to steal some limelight. Am I going to share my limelight? Ha! Let’s get back to nothing.

Celebrating the nothing day is not injurious to one’s intellect. People tend to ridicule and demean people who practice it often and label them as dense. In reality, this miraculous state of being blank makes you realize your hidden skills. For starters; batting the eyelids merely thrice a minute. That’s commendable. I also feel one sleeps better in a blank state. Blankness and slumber are ancient friends. They compliment each other well. Going bank is more like a natural lullaby to induce sleep. It is an overall win-win practice.

Go on, celebrate your nothing day. Stay blank. Give your mind the rest it truly deserves.
With nothing more to say about nothing, I end this post with a wish that nothing conquers your minds like nothing.


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