The 6th of July! :)

I took a break from work yesterday. I really needed to let my mind wander in order to retain the little I have of it. It was probably one of my wisest decisions. Yesterday, I did things I had never done before and completely went bonkers. It was a happy day, a very happy one. The kind I needed in a very long time. I watched Delhi Belly, an interesting watch. Pardon me, a profanely interesting watch. The only thing I could think of throughout the movie was how Amir Khan’s mind works. How he loves to make trial sponge cakes out of his projects and in-turn create a grand cakes with several tiers. Somewhere deep inside me, I’d like to borrow a piece of his mind, rent his glasses for a day, and look at the world the way he does.

Just when you think this man has touched upon all the subjects through his projects, from conditioning kids, evoking patriotism, rural perception, tattooed love, and a laundry city; he emanates another masterpiece. Distinct and in-your-face, just like the rest of his work. There are several debates about the authenticity of the concept. Does it really matter when one has had a good laugh? This is an inside the box thinking for all the “ outside the box “ time exhausters. It has a butt-print in capitals which reads, ‘AN INDIAN COPYRIGHT ‘. The cinematography, the wonderful music, hilarious lyrics, and impeccable dialogue delivery can only be an Indian conception. However, a movie primarily for the youth. Or for anybody who wants to keep their life aside on the seat beside them and enjoy it with an open mind. No judgments, no qualms. Just laughter for a little more than 90 minutes.

Reviews and synopsis do not do justice to the movie. It probably is an individual experience and may differ. This movie is not meant to be read about. It is to be watched and maybe written about and read later for blog propagation. Amir Khan has done it again! Reinforcing the favoritism I possessed in my mind for him. Do not miss this one. I assure you an expanding playlist if we share similar taste in music.

The 6th of July will always make me nostalgic. I learnt a lot on this day not just from the movie alone. It will remain fresh forever as my special day of magic. The day when my laughter reverberated around the city, and the much sought after dream became reality, a magical day of happiness.


4 thoughts on “The 6th of July! :)

  1. I am really happy for you.
    You probably need more such breaks from the hectic work schedule.
    Keep bubbling with energy always,leaving all worries aside.[Life should not be taken too seriously]
    Good luck!:-)

  2. Waiting to see it 🙂 quite expressive…:)
    Hope everyday brings you new surprises…many inspirations to write about and above all experience them!

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