I’m no Giant

“How strange that Nature does not knock, and yet does not intrude!” ~Emily Dickinson

It’s been twenty-two years since I’m breathing, and in these years, I’ve spent a huge chuck of my short-lived life thinking about how much change I bring to people around me. Being an extremely self-absorbed person, I was content with never having too many friends. There is meagre hope for people suffering with self-absorption, especially for the uptight ones like me, born with complimentary vanity that can suffice a lifetime.

All was megalomaniac until one day. One day nature roared and all the vanity reached my knees, making me seem worthless in an instant. I heaved a huge sigh when a realization stirred my soul. I’m no Giant. I’m not as big as I think I am.

It’s strange how we all sometimes feel we contribute to “The great plan”. In reality, we’re too dense to understand “The great plan”. I smile to myself in sheer pity when I think about how ignorant man is about his abilities and powers. How big he thinks he is, when he is in fact so tiny, so vulnerable. All it takes is a cringe by nature for the pride to break into fine powder. It creates a thought that we’re merely puppets in the show of life. Nature narrates and we just play along.

The floods, tornadoes, avalanches, soil erosions and the recurrent tsunami interactions make one realise the definition of the word ‘important’. People are gulped and towns are washed away in seconds. We are left helpless, unable to digest what happened. Most petrified or feeling blessed to have not been the target this time.

There is a wonderful show on Discovery called “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” . It is a documentary where they re-enact the horrific experiences people had with nature. The survivors narrate about how they felt throughout their trial. About how choked they were when they had no way out; about how they experienced the fragrance of fear and about how lucky they felt just to be back home. Alive, Safe and Well-Grounded. The show is a good watch to fathom the power of nature, the value of life and to live with minimal self-absorption for we may never know when nature might knock.

While we’re wagging our pompous tails to the everyday, nonchalant tunes of life; nature has a subtle way to remind us of how insignificant we really are.


4 thoughts on “I’m no Giant

  1. Well written & tragically true!!
    But, “CHEER UP”, don’t take life very seriously.
    Let’s play our role in ‘The Great Plan’.
    Too much attachment in the world can only give pain & sadness.

  2. Preeti Good write up .

    With Effort reach to effortlessnes , is that easy not at all . At times we do realise the imporatnce of internal search and we are minute than the particles of sand . but an effort for the external happiness drives and moves us much faster than to look with in .

    As humans we have the best weapon called forgetfulness (moment to moment) if not we would be carrying immense baggage from our birth .


    M Venkataraghavan

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