None Like You

One November, as winter grew,
Anger and solitude it drew.
Thought nothing could be like before,
Until I heard that knock on the door,
It opened new doors to happiness,
When all seemed like a scary mess.

Before I knew,
It brought some new, smiles.

Changes occurred, I felt less cluttered.
I was no longer sad, as life was less mad.
You made me glad, that I wasn’t too bad
To a stranger who came, and soon became,
Someone I can’t do without.

This friendship at its best passes the test.
For before I found you, I had no clue,
That you’d pull out the real me
And help me be the best I can be.

I can never repay, but all I can say,
I’ll always be there and will always care.
For I’ve met many new, but none like you.


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