Waking up wanting to be someone else.
Dodging something that is beyond your sense.

Living a parallel life
‘Cause reality cuts like a knife.

If only a wish could turn things over,
Reality would get closure.

All your endeavours go rotten.
It takes seconds to hit rock bottom.

Is there ever an easy way out?
No, there isn’t. Then why still doubt?

When does the fight against yourself end?
Is the destination to only suspend?

The past being the hardest to mend
Can hardly wait for the right things to blend.

Living a parallel life,
Loving it through the lies,

Reality is forgotten in effortless tries.
No sorrow, no cries!

Just that pair meeting your eyes.
The endless overwhelming sighs.

Those few minutes when the real you dies.
Is experienced best with closed eyes.

Each passing day feeling like the first.
Experience denial at its best!


10 thoughts on “Denial

  1. Very nicely written!

    ..Hope has always been the culprit, in denial of reality.
    Hope is a good breakfast, but it is a bad supper.

    A life none by itself can be it’s parallel…I just had to say yes to the Real-me every morning.

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