Isn’t this the only sound the world wants to hear?
Money; an overrated possession.
A frequently used synonym of happiness.
The only object that has several wound around her little finger.
For years I have been entertained by observing people with, without, or around money. My profound observation tells me that money certainly has the power to create inexhaustible sources of laughter.

It is easy to distinguish; there are only two categories.
Those that have enough money to feed snobs for generations to come,
and those that have hardly enough to feed the current.
The former being interesting subjects to study.
They are found in abundance all through the world to kill the boredom of mediocre life. (Thank god for small mercies.)

Gosh the whim and fancy of crisp, green notes!
Ka-ching brings along truckloads of complimentary vanity and “refined taste”, creating a crazy world of incorrigible megalomaniacs.
With so much affection expressed towards the lifeless paper notes, it is a pity that we can’t take any to the grave. I now strongly believe that the rich believe in afterlife like the pharaohs.

Like most people, I have lived a grounded middle-class life.
I know the worth of every penny.
(My father never seems to agree with me on that.)
My greatest fear is to look into the mirror one morning and find that I can’t recognise the person I have become.
Today, when I notice the aftermath of incomprehensible wealth, I feel glad that my goodies arrived months after I demanded; my polka-dotted dress was not just a teardrop away. A middle-class life teaches one to value and cherish the little things life has to offer. The rich are trained to overlook these tiny portions of bliss.
My perception about Ka-ching has led me to believe that it is better to be a big person with little money than a small person with a Midas touch.

However, if ka-ching decides to bestow her unimaginable grace on me in the near future, I wish to be the wealthiest in humility.


10 thoughts on “Ka-Ching!

  1. Article well thought of.
    Early recognition of troubles that abundant wealth can bless a person with is always a grace of GOD in a way.
    Humility gained is permanent.
    Hope & pray that you remain humble & humane, be in riches or rags.
    God bless you.

  2. nice article.. the middle class do know the value of money.. when the rich become poor, its hard for them to adjust.. dont think its true the other way round..

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