A Person So Tall

Life was monotonous,
Amidst little people and their little thinking.
What was worse? I was one of them.
The world seemed shallow and stinking.
People got smaller in their low huts,
Each passing face resembling the previous.
Then came along a person so tall,
The kind that made others nervous.

A closed old book,
Deceptive at first sight.
A voice so deep,
With a manner blunt and light.
A charmingly coy smile,
An interesting subject to an observer.
It all came down to the supper,
That unveiled someone taller.

Instantly, the world seemed nicer,
Assumptions were conned.
Respect was towered to a million folds,
For on me it had now dawned.
Of how tall one could be,
Not in appearance alone.
The moon lit a modest face,
And a beautiful soul was shown.

Assumptions took a backseat.
The observer’s eyes now soften.
We’re good friends now,
And converse often.
I now live in reflected glory,
As a person I have grown.
I’m fortunate to know a person so tall,
I attempt at being a clone.


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