A li’l something called LOVE.

Like most young girls, I have fantasized in my tiny, frilled frock that my prince would come in fairytale manner to woo me. An old castle, winds gushing, leaves flying, the tone changing from normal to sepia as my prince drew closer. I now chuckle at my “Young Preeti” thoughts. To me love was cold palms, a bonfire, and a truckload of chivalry. The movies had added to all the insanity. I had never experienced love back then and was aware that I only liked the idea of love.

Those were the drama years, when every crush seemed like eternal love; every heartbreak meant the end of the world. However, when I did fall in love, I could only define it as-
Love, the only thing that made me tenderly giddy.

There was always something I found very magical about love. Not the sweet nothings, the butterflies, the rush of blood to my head. None of this. I was smitten by what love can make one do. I was enticed by the power of true love. Cliché? Heart breaks certainly make us all wonder about the existence of true love. But it does exist, so beautifully, so subtly amongst us.

I’ve always been a mushball, but never liked to admit it when I was little. Back then, social status was very important. What people thought about me was even more important. Another chuckle at “Young Preeti”.
Now, I’m older and I certainly do not care about what people may or may not think.

I’ll step out of the detour now and hit the main road. Like most of us, I have secretly loved the silly romance belonging to the Rajshree, Yashraj genre. I have also conveniently thought that each one of them was extremely ridiculous and too nice and happy to digest. Yes, I’m a convenient person. I can have an aerial view on my subject.
One such ridiculous romance was titled ‘Vivah’, in which the leads murmur throughout the movie in monotones. Where it is sometimes hard to tell who the lead female is as the lead male murmurs softer. As much as I love to comment on its idiocies, owning to my convenient, secretly mushballish nature, I also love watching it over and over again.
I have watched it so often as to make my sister want to disown me.

It begins with the typical young lad n girl arranged into a marriage by their elders and continues with the side-eyed glances, singing on the terrace and falling completely in love too soon. Placing aside all the insanity, the movie carried a strong message. A message we must all learn from. After all the mush, the script took on a more serious and a more realistic route. A day before the wedding the bride’s house was burnt down due to a local cracker. As expected the lead female saves her sibling, wins her eternally angry aunt’s heart, but is captured by the flames. Her entire body except her face, is burnt. Why except the face? Rajshree Productions. Her family worries as the doctor tells them about the seriousness of the situation, and how the bridegroom’s family will back out on her. Like most burn cases. Then began the only beautiful five minutes of the movie.When the lead male murmurs for the first time something so powerful to her.

He insists on marrying her in the hospital as it is their wedding day. She refuses and wants him to glance at her body to know that she is no longer the beautiful girl he loved. This goes on for four and a half minutes.Then the lead male sums it up with the best words uttered before painting her scalp with sindoor. “Mera pyaar is pareeksha ka mohataj nahi Poonam.Aur yeh tum janti ho.” I was stunned. Could this happen in real life? Could one love somebody so strongly? It certainly can.

My sister told me of a story about this Bangalore girl who was arranged to marry a lad from America. The families were happy, the couple was happier. They lived in different continents and the girl was to move there after their wedding. The couple shared frequent phone conversations. One morning, when she was heading to work, she had an accident that left her crippled for life. She was a practical girl. She wrote a mail to her beau informing him of want had occurred and to also call off the wedding because it was not practical to go along with it. She wished him a happy future with another woman.
The girl’s spine was made of stainless steel. She headed back to work soon on wheels. Did most of what she could do before the accident. She did not hear from the lad for a month after writing to him. She thought he had moved on.

A few days later she was welcomed at office one morning with several bouquets of fresh flowers. Amongst her colleagues stood the man she was once arranged to marry. He came back for her and married her. He said he loved her and she was the same person to him. They now live in America, still very much in love. What moves me is this power of true love. How blessed are those who find such love?! Like the movie instance and the true story, I wish to give out a message too. I hope we all learn from this and find the real definition of love in the eyes of our beloved. I wish we experience love beyond beauty.
I wish we learn to love soulfully.


7 thoughts on “A li’l something called LOVE.

  1. I pray Almighty GOD that you get such wonderful & true Love in life.

    I too did like this piece of 4.5 mins in this film.

  2. Good one Preeti,
    There is a beautiful in Hindi it goes like this…

    Jane who log they jinko pyar ko pyar mila,
    hame to jab kaliya mangi, katoon ka haar mila…

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