Just Another Fairytale

Long, long ago,
In a land far, far away,
Waited a princess in a tower,
All through the day.

Her mind wandered to the past,
Yet again she heard the old monk say.
“Fair princess, time will twist the witch’s spell,
Your prince will rescue you in the month of May”

Years rolled by with the wind,
So did the month of May.
The princess pondered as she powdered her face,
“Maybe the prince had turned gay“

Meanwhile, the prince rode several miles,
Fought the gushing winds and a dragon he slayed.
Looked up at the tower,
And saw a familiar comely maid.

He said, “I’m sorry baby.
I know I had to be here last May.
The Duke of Windsor threw a lousy bachelors ball,
I couldn’t refuse; it was all cold beer and play”

The fair maid said, “You jerk!
Lousy was it? You made me pay for an extra beer tray!
I am the Duke of Windsor in a new chiffon gown,
Your unlucky babe lives ten yards away”

Embarrassed with the Duke’s attire,
The prince swiftly hopped onto his horse.
He thought, “The Duke has a new chiffon gown,
I wonder if I could get one at Levi Strauss”

Meanwhile, the princess was at the saloon,
Coloring her pretty fingertips.
She was smitten by a chivalrous male staff,
The one with perfect charm, poise, and cupid lips.

As the prince rode,
His eyes met an evil witch.
Young, beautiful and sexy,
How he wished he could switch.

The prince and princess found happiness,
And each other they happily ditched.
Thus ends the fairytale,
The credits will be shortly stitched!


11 thoughts on “Just Another Fairytale

  1. Wow!!
    You have really made a new ‘Fairy tale’in tune with & for the present generation!
    I am impressed.Keep it up!!

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