Yappy Boithday Love!

On the 16th of October,1996, my Father introduced me to a new member of our family. I waited all day to see him and distinctly remember the first time I set my eyes on him.
He was tall (well, back then), dark and rough. Instantly, my knees were weak. I knew I was gonna love having him around. I did, and how! Soon, he became the center of my universe. I saw him in all his glory each morning after his quick shower. Damp, raw, rugged, and inviting. It was a sight! His big, deep eyes had done their job well. I was smitten. The spell had been cast.

I was in awe of him. I was happier. I could barely reach his shoulders even when on my toe tip. When I had my arms around his neck, I felt like a queen ready to take on the world. Sometimes the road did get bumpy, but hey, “The course of true love never did run smooth” remember? It was hard to stay mad at him. I always surrendered.
We had lovely Sundays together. Dad, Di and I used to cleanse him out on the street ……. Eyebrow raise? Where else would we do it? In the tub? Even the bonnet would not make it into the bathroom. “Oh” you say? Yes, that expression is right.

It’s all about my car honey!

My favourite amongst all! My shiny Maruti 800 a.k.a The Dhakmobile!
He turns 14 today, but still is just as new. We’ve had some great times together.
He has literally helped us get through the good and bad roads of life.
We’ve traveled a long way buddy. Today, I wanna tell you just how precious you are to me. I can drive no other like I drive you. You were my friend, rebound, stress-buster and above all, my first love. It’s been one helluva journey, hasn’t it? You are still just as special. I’m certain we’ll make many wonderful memories in the years to come. You’ll always be my favourite car. Thank you for sticking by me Dhakmobile! I love you.


3 thoughts on “Yappy Boithday Love!

  1. Loved your expressions very much.
    I am proud to own Dhakmobile too, which is my first car.
    He has never let us down on the roads so far atleast.
    Many fond memories are attached with our car.

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