Pa is a child at heart,
He believes Superman is for real.
Can anger me in an instant,
Still loves making paper boats.

Pa is short-tempered,
He can burn the house down.
Melts faster than an ice-cube,
All it takes is a hug.

Pa is brave,
His spine is made of stainless steel.
Determination that is unparalleled,
Someone with an unshakable will.

Pa is wise,
He can never say, “I don’t know”
Knows a little about everything,
Conveniently ignores what he doesn’t.

Pa is funny,
His mind shelters clear wit.
He makes me chuckle at lame jokes,
Sometimes, even voluntarily at myself.

Pa is god sent,
He is an angel in disguise.
Tells everyone the injections won’t hurt,
But is still secretly scared of eye drops.

Pa is my favourite critic,
He taught me to see beyond the ordinary.
Always made me list the pros and cons,
Supported me even when he failed to understand.

Pa is my eternal hero,
Even though he fears movie ghosts.
The first man in my life,
One that nobody can replace.

Pa is a good man,
A heart softer than marshmallow.
One who never learnt to lie,
The kind you can always bank on.

Pa is my best friend,
One who is patient with my idiocies.
Someone I can talk to about anything under the sun,
Always a partner in crime.

Pa is above all a wonderful father,
Who loved binding my schools books late into the night after a tiring day.
Smiled at all my unreasonable demands,
Wet his eyes on my pillow when I was sound asleep.

Pa is someone I wish every child has.
I love you Pa.


10 thoughts on “Pa

  1. Hey Pits,
    Loved this one although Mighty Bappa cannot be contained and captured in just these lines 🙂
    He is an amazing dad and i love him to bits 🙂 mua to u bapps 🙂

  2. Dear Preeti,
    Thanks for this blog.
    May GOD bless you always.
    What I did is all [perhaps less] any father will do for his little ones.I wish I could do more.

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