Unfamiliar Smiles

Sometime during the month after May,
I was walking home after a long day.
The monotony on the street was at its peak,
Suddenly I took notice of someone unique.
She seemed like an angel on wheels,
Thoughtful, though not at ease.
Her face bundled with innocence,
Reflecting undeniable patience.
She looked at me and looked away,
Battling in her thoughts a stampede of dismay.
I stopped as I watched her pass by,
And then turned back seeming sly.

I left for home early the next day,
Making sure there was no delay.
I walked unusually slowly,
I couldn’t help but laugh at my folly.
I wondered what the lady’s name could be,
Would she ever talk to me?
I saw her coming. She was away by a mile.
When she got closer, I gave out a hesitant smile.
She was about to reciprocate,
But she held back on her mind’s dictate.
I didn’t see her for very long after that evening,
A hope to see her again occupied most of my pondering.

Days went by but she didn’t,
I could do nothing but chew on my mint.
Luckily I saw her after a month’s wait,
Felt strange as if she was an old mate.
I was happy to see her; it showed on my face,
My wide smile met her gaze.
She was surprised and apprehensive,
At a curve that seemed invasive.
She slowly curved her lips into a smile,
Having realized that I had been around for a while.
It seemed to have happened in effortless tries,
We discovered familiarity in unfamiliar smiles.


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