Survey on Love

I often wonder what love really is,
The reason to ponder was this,

Some say, it’s deeper than the sea,
Some said, it grows over a cup of tea.

Some say, it feels like finding treasure,
Some said, it’s too much pressure.

Some say, it’s very profound
Some said, it makes the world go round.

Some say, it’s the zsa zsa zsu,
Some said, it’s the butterflies too.

Some say, it gets too monotonous,
Some said, one tends to get assumptuous.

Some say, it binds like glue,
Some said, “I have no clue”.

Wondered what is and what ain’t true,
What I heard was not new.

I’m amused,
Frankly, still confused.

The survey was fun,
I’m back to square one.


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