Life Comes a Full Circle

Last night my sister was unwell. She woke me at 2 a.m. and shared her discomfort. I, still half asleep, began to tell her what she should do to feel better.
She patiently let me finish, smiled and said, “Life comes a full circle. I taught you this when you were ten and now you are teaching me the same like you learnt it on your own.” We smiled at each other as it was one of those, “I’m glad we have each other” sisterly moments that are conveyed only with smiles.
Later, as she effortlessly slipped into deep slumber (One of her gifts I envy the most), I tried hard to get some sleep. Tried harder than I do to finish a bowl of tasteless oats. I repeated the lines, “Life comes a full circle”. It was so true!

People at some point in life, forget where they inherited from and pretend to be the founders of their principles or thinking. I have seen many such people.
The vulnerable Impalas of yesterday, transform into ferocious predators of today.
The leading companies in the country are no less than the African Savannah. There are so many species to study.
Every employee who swore at his boss in the past is getting sworn at today.
People always vow never to do the same to another in future, when they fall prey to an innuendo or a blatant ridicule. This heartfelt, solemn vow fades out sooner than a pair of jeans. Before you know it, they become the masters of innuendoes. Sometimes much worse.

I’m sure all the Impalas reading this agree. The predators? Well, they frankly don’t care anymore. They stopped caring the day they sold their souls at the local flea market.
The ones I admire are the people who have stuck to their vows. The ones who see their old self in every bantling Impala. I’m lucky to know a handful of such people.

Some say the predators can’t be blamed, for it is sometimes human tendency to satisfy oneself with the pain of others (A logic I never understood).
I believe it is no achievement to grow in stature; it is one to grow in conscience.
Every bantling Impala has a prying predator and every bantling Impala that survives, has a chance to grow up to become someone better.


14 thoughts on “Life Comes a Full Circle

  1. Loved it Preeti. Now THIS is something I have given a thought several times, keeping myself in mind. Asking “how I would handle a situation akin to the one in which, I might have been victimized because of my position then” and more often than not, I see myself being the person I hoped the person victimizing me, could have been.

  2. Don’t know which words to use for ur writings….erudite , recondite…I do know that meera sleeps easily and maybe deep and u do not 🙂 …I think principles and ideals cannot be patented and its ok to pass them on as ur own ..just that we need to take care that the circle should not be completed as in ur case… u write very well….

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