Remember me?

It’s been a long time since we met.
You may not remember, but I never forget.
We lived together, you and I.
You watched me grow and I watched you.
Suddenly, you were the only one who grew.
I shrunk with time and disappeared around you.

I was your mate when you were little.
At school, I was sometimes your subject on ‘Show and Tell’.
I gave you my raincoat on a rainy day,
that was how we became friends.
I was protection when the games got rough,
I was a bed for a quick power nap.
I was always on your team when playing ‘Hide and Seek’
Nobody could tell, but I know you sometimes did cheat.

I still watch you, You’re all grown up.
Still wonder when we could live together again.
I was around when you needed me.
I need you now, please heed.

I was your shadow on those lonely days.
I was your solace near a grave.
I was the vast green carpet that beautified our home.
I am Mother Nature, who you once loved.
Remember me?


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