This Too Shall Pass

The last few hours of the year,
The last mugs of beer.
Some memories to remember,
Some to shear.
The countdown begins,
Ends with a cheer.
We rejoice with people dear.

A new dawn,
A new date.
A new change in fate?
A new law passed, a new clause.
A new ‘one way’,
A new dug road.
A new loan,
A new hike in the price of gold.
A new holocaust,
A new politic smirk.
A new family lost,
A new challenge at work.
A new bribe,
A new expensive drive.
New infants born into poverty,
New splurges by a celebrity.

How much ‘newness’ does a new year bring?
Just a few new chords on a string?
How much does the ‘newness’ affect the mass?
It’s a not so ‘new’ year, like all,
This too shall pass.


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