Resurrecting Insanity

I’m taking a walk down loneville,

Sanity is frozen in time.

People around are clueless of

The mystery I abide.

Amidst the hustle, creeps out a sigh.

They envisage an unveiled sonorous heart.

Silence retreats into the dark,

Shadows emit light.

They wonder about the emanation that brought in the change.

My soul needs wings for it is resurrecting insanity.


I’m sipping on some red wine wishing it was blood.

I’m embarking on a bizarre ship at the end of this road.

When the angels took their masks off,

The demons were observed.

My smiles are being judged And thoughts are unheard.

The feeling is almost divine, I have sinned, I have loved.

This ardor inside me is resurrecting insanity.



I’m loving this walk down loneville,

Sanity remains frozen.

My soul now has wings,

The mystery is disclosed.

You are the emanation.

You are resurrecting insanity inside me.


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