You and Me

I popped out of darkness and looked into the light,

Saw an innocent pair of eyes look at me with spite.

Her curious eyes filled with envy,

Scrutinizing the new intruder in her family.

When Mum said, “Look at the baby all chubby”,

She said,  “I asked for a puppy”.

The air was filled with hesitation,

She was stuck with God’s new creation.

 She couldn’t resent me for long,

With time the feelings were gone.

Anger faded into adoration,

It marked the beginning of a beautiful relation.


Be it the endless giggles or

Collecting several pebbles,

The late night talks and

The reassuring walks.

You heard me when

The world turned deaf.

You stood up for me

When everybody left.

Your efforts I kept counting,

Dealing with me must have been daunting.

We set in a new trend,

I had you and needed no friend.


They say we are sisters

But are we really?

Can a sibling love this dearly?

So tell me who you are,

An angel in disguise?

Or a devil waiting to prise?


For you are the only one

That keeps me tough,

You are one thing for which

I can’t thank God enough.

What we share is inexplicable,

What we don’t is ignorable.


They say things change with time,

Let them flip a dime.

When it is you and me the world will be

Anxious to unfold the mystery

Because one day we will create history.


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