Signature Idiosyncrasy

Ever wondered how people always have a mouthful of advice to give?

But conveniently never apply the same to change how they live.

 The “this won’t get you a better wage” and the clichéd “when I was your age” ,  The “this aint good” to “I suppose you should”

 The “you’ve got a long way to go” and the annoying

 “I could say yes, but I’m gonna say no”

 Go on for ages with their unsolicited advice, while you wish God made within you a deaf ear device!

 What do you do when you’re made to doubt yourself? And have absolutely no clue to a defense?

 When you hear something you cannot gnaw, isn’t it easier to mark out a new character flaw?

You’re filled with contempt, your trials end in feeble attempts.

 Then you wonder, “Did I improvise or imitate?” 

“Understand or just gape?”

 Won’t figure out what hampered your consistency, until you discover your signature idiosyncrasy!


2 thoughts on “Signature Idiosyncrasy

  1. Hey, I am reading this piece a little late(they are good). I have been following your writing pattern for a while, kinda reminds me of some writer which i completely forgot(there’s a name for this style of writing). All I can say is keep it going, they are strong and beautiful.:)

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